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We explain the information of public transport of OKINAWA (southern island of Japan), especially bus. It is being edited by BUSMAP OKINAWA (No Profit Organization), not by bus company.
Recent revistion of this site
20th Jan 2018TOYO Bus : Timetables of #30, #31, #37 (are on weekday), #91, #191 (are on weekday and Saturday) change.
30th Nov 2017MIYAKO Island The experimental bus service "MIYAKOJIMA KURURIN Bus" is finished.
13rd Oct 2017TOYO Bus : Timetables of #30, #31, #37 (are on weekday), #91, #191 change.
13rd Oct 2017NAHA Bus : Timetable of #25 changes on weekday.
5th Nov 2017HIGASHI Village : From 23rd Oct, community bus runs as an ex test service until 31st Mar 2018. This site is not yet renewed.
11th Oct 2017Limousine bus : Timetables of Limousine bus changes from 1st Oct.
10th Oct 2017RYUKYU Bus KOTSU : Timetables of #23, #24, #63, #90, #110, #223, #263 change on weekday.
10th Oct 2017NAHA Bus : Timetable of #97 changes on weekday.
6th Oct 2017AGUNI Village bus : The timetable of the bus changes on Fri, Sat & Sun.
1st Oct 2017NAHA Bus : Summer temporary number of #95 stoped until 30th Sep.
1st Oct 2017AZUMA UNYU (ISHIGAKI Island) : Summer temporary number of #9 stoped until 30th Sep. From 1st Oct, the number of the bus #13 decreased.
1st Oct 2017IRIOMOTEJIMA KOTSU : Summer temporary number of the bus stoped until 30th Sep.
For tourist info, "multilingual call center" service is available.
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